Hotel Moreno (Tacoma, USA)

Hotel Moreno was in 2007 reconstructed into a glass hotel with contributions from 54 glass artist from around the world. The task was to make 3 ships in the foyer, which would be hung from the ceiling illuminated from the inside. In Tacoma 3 ships were first built out of cardboard, the local smith were then assigned to make a metal skeleton based on the cardboard frames. The glass plates were then glued to the iron skeleton while they were hanging at the Hotel about 6 months after.
Every ship shows images from the Norse mythology. The biggest ship illustrates tales of the male gods. The ship at the center shows tales of the females goddess while the smallest ship illustrates the creation story.

Moegelkaer State Prison Church (Moegelkaer, Denmark)

The assignment was to decorate the church room and that became the altar table, rostrum, the big cross on the wall with biblical tales and a lamp in the ceiling
Some of the inmates contributed to the project as well and made the images in the altar rails based on the tale of Jonah and the whale. The also made the lamps to the cultural house.

Jelling Bank (Jelling, Denmark)

In relation to the reconstruction of the new headquarters a frieze of images from the Norse creation story was made, which hang across the main office.
As well a window section at the director's office and the big cross in the meeting room.

Roedovre Centrum (Copenhagen, Denmark)

The bull at "Roedovre Centrum", a big mall near Copenhagen, was made in relation to their 45th anniversary in 2011.
The local smith made the skeleton and the glass sheets were then glued together. The light is emitting from the inside of the bull and is standing on a blue "carpet" on a crossbeam inside the mall.

Bergen (Bergen, Norway)

For an institution in Bergen 3 "apple trees" were made that's located just outside the entrance as well as 3 half ships, which hang at the reception.

Mayor's Office (Vejle, Denmark)

For the mayor's office in Vejle a sculpture were made "Vejle by Night". A sculpture that shows the slightly skewed and intercultural aspect of the city, where light emits from within.