The Artist

Born in Odense in 1954 and grew up in Kerteminde. Vibeke lived previously at Ulriksholm Castle on Fyn and later moved to the Lakehouse i Noerup just outside of Vejle.

Self-taught artist and has worked with glass since 1993. Vibeke started working with glass-fusing and began blowing glass as well in 1999 where she combined the cold with the warm glass in a so-called "Roll up" technique.

Today Vibeke primarily works with glass-fusing, sculptural work in clay and painting.

She took a masters in psychology from Aarhus University in 1982, later received further training in art therapy in England and USA, and in 2013 she was awarded the title of Doctor in psychology by Aalborg University with a research project in art therapy for people with mild depression. She founded the Danish art therapy program Institut for Kunstterapi in 1987 where she is still working as head of the school as well as teaching. She has published 5 books about art therapy; Jessica Kingsley, UK, released the last book in 2015.

Knøv Award

In 2011 Vibeke received the Knøv Award, which were handed over by Count Ingolf at Vingstedcentret.

The Knøv Award is given as an appreciation of people who have shown commitment in the local community. Vibeke received the award as an appreciation of the development of the Lakehouse.